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Customer support and contact. Closeness to suppliers, exchange with colleagues and superiors: being informed and well-trained, staying up to date, wherever you are working: in the office, at home or remotely.

Internal processes

Commercial processes, documentation and personnel management, but also access to the company and its data – through digital processes you can reduce bureaucracy and free up new resources.

External processes

Manage purchases, transport and storage, but also the provision of raw materials and products through EDV systems. This way you narrow coordination processes and avoid capacity constraints.

Distribution and sales

Customer management through CRM and individualized interfaces in the B2B and B2C areas. We automate business processes and digitalize distribution channels. Our shop solutions secure your livelihood.


Through analysis and networking of production systems or large amounts of data, you can make production, purchases, processing, warehouse management and delivery more efficient. It also makes it easier to develop new products and business models.


Your employees can access information from anywhere via secure connections to the company network. Make your workplace mobile and respond flexibly to opportunities and customer requests.

Hop on the right train!

We digitalize the office and network colleagues and customers at home.


No matter what you start with, these technologies will advance your digital transformation. We recommend a gradual digitization so that employees and customers have the opportunity to participate in the change. Digitalization is never really finished: it is an ongoing process that affects the entire company.

CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM systems simplify your company's data management. A CRM manages data from prospects, potential customers, customers, suppliers and employees. It simplifies customer service and ensures a uniform source of information within the company.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM + Suite CRM

ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Employee planning, accounting, ordering, logistics, forecasting, offers and sales tools. A modern ERP system ensures shorter process times, improved collaboration with several systems, and data that can be used company-wide. An ERP system should be scaled according to the needs of your company and allow interfaces to specific applications of your business activity. Ease of use, availability, security and data protection come first.
Microsoft Dynamics + Sage + Abacus + SAP


All communication with customers, suppliers and distributors (such as orders, delivery, contract or price agreements) can be organized digitally, saving time and money. Involve colleagues and bring information flows together, no matter where you are. There are efficient and modern digital solutions, even if physical contact is difficult.
Office 365 + Microsoft Teams + JIRA + Zendesk

Digital platforms for a networked ecosystem

Cloud platforms connect providers, customers and suppliers. When it comes to technologies, MS365 competes with solutions from ERP providers such as SAP Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. All of these platforms aim to network the business processes of various parties, right through to the raw material suppliers. We help you with the individual setup.
Cloud Lösungen + Microsoft Teams + Azure + Azure Stack + MS365 + ZenDesk + FreeScout + JIRA / MS Planner


Digitalization – is it really necessary? Regardless of the industry and company size, it is not always easy to introduce digital solutions in a company. There are many reasons for this:

The advantages of digitalization
With digital technologies you can:

  • Find and retain customers more easily,
  • Attract, qualify and retain employees more easily,
  • Meet individual customer requirements in an inexpensive and flexible manner,
  • Control business processes and production processes more efficiently,
  • Develop innovative digital offers that enable profitable growth.

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