Everything under one roof

We employ experts in the fields of Application Development, Infrastructure, Design, Testing and Customer Service – at Kallysoft we provide the entire range of IT services from one location.

IT Consulting

Extensive consultancy and technical advice for all IT matters are at the core of our services.

Application Development

Whenever standard tools and software do not fulfil your requirements, we build customized applications with interfaces to existing systems, machines and equipment.


We provide the suitable hardware, software, network environment and the necessary licenses for a uniform, flexible and efficient working environment.

Web & Graphic Design

Our design team develops state of the art websites: from a simple homepage to complete B2B2C solutions. SEO and UX set the standard for visibility and a user-friendly experience.


Our highly effective company-owned hosting centre is well protected and offers sufficient space and security for your data.

Maintenance & Support

In order to keep your systems running continuously, we constantly update and maintain them. We provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support, either on-site or remotely, and helpdesk services for you and your clients.

IT Security solutions

Cyber security, secure data, compliance regulations and privacy have never been as important as today. We consult and support you in the planning and development of your overall IT security solutions.

Administration solutions

We sell and develop solutions for administration and accounting, optimising your work and simplifying your organisation.

Application development

Individual apps and software solutions

Discover the optimisation possibilities and the potential of your company through the development of customised IT applications.

Consultancy & Project Management

Advice, conception of an idea, planning, budgeting, assessment of resources.

Development & Testing

Efficient programming and verification of the functionality.

Web & UX Design

Web design, user experience and the construction of an optimal user platform that guides the user and explains itself.

Release & Support

Presentation and release of the application, followed by continued monitoring by Maintenance & Support.


We sell and install the proper equipment: from laptops to entire network systems.


Either physical or virtual servers or both – our company-owned hosting centre guarantees stable resources operating in the background.


Our specialists provide optimal security and protection for your networks.

Maintenance & Support

We actively watch over your systems and applications, and support you by solving any challenge you might encounter.


Everything always up to date

We provide, install, monitor and support all hardware that a company requires, ranging from PCs, printers and simple servers to comprehensive and complex network solutions.

Web & Graphic design

Shine like a diamond

We develop and optimize the appearance of your company: from well-conceived logos and corporate designs for printing and advertising, to websites, web shops and apps.

Web design

The development of websites: appealing, expedient and easy to use

UX / UI Design

User Experience and intuitive use determine the ideal design of the website.


Search Engine Optimization – making sure your website is found quickly.


Help for extensions, updates and additional functionalities such as web shops etc.

How we work

Our 6 steps to building an application

Idea & Consulting

Our experts develop in accordance with your team the most optimal concept for your software.

Project management

In close collaboration, we determine your requirements, and plan, coordinate and monitor the application development. During the entire process, we are committed to transparency and clear communication.

User Experience Design

The development and design of the user interface by our designers guarantees the best possible usability and customer experience.


We program your application with short feedback loops and construct it step by step. That way we are able to modify and improve the original concept at any time.

Demo und Testing

Our testing team works closely together with our developers in order to overcome any challenge caused by unexpected behaviour of the application. We present you our progress at frequent intervals.


Our warranty services begin with the start-up and integration of the software. Our maintenance and support service provides a constant, impeccable quality. Extensions and additions are possible at any time.

 Agile Project management with our certified SCRUM MASTERS

We are an experienced partner for Agile project management. If you decide to conduct your project in an Agile way, our certified SCRUM MASTER are of good use.

We speak your language.


A selection of our tools

We master numerous programming languages and technologies. From this wide range of new and well-established possibilities, we choose and implement the most suitable solution for you.

Feel free to talk to us

We are at your disposal for questions and proposals.

IT Solutions made easy


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