During the COVID-19 crisis we are committed to our region

We contribute to the strengthening of the regional economy, which enables the survival of small companies and the maintenance of jobs. This will be beneficial for all of us.

Quick help for more than 50 primary school pupils in Allschwil.

We were able to provide over 50 laptops, tablets and desktops on loan free of charge. From Monday the 20th of April on, the students have been working with them daily.

Kallysoft gives away an online shop on Radio Energy

In collaboration with Radio Energy Basel we raffle a free online shop for affected small businesses in Basel.

Emergency day care

Our own day care facility Kita Kallymero continues to offer services to parents who work in healthcare.

Protection masks for home care and nursing homes

A stored batch of FFP3 masks has been given to home care services and nursing homes in the region.

Extra support home office

We currently also offer support to people working from home whose companies do not have a contract with us.

Automated short-time work form

We are developing an application that allows an easier billing of short-time work for companies.

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