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Our international team consists of more than 80 employees with 14 different nationalities. This diversity guarantees an open-minded and progressive attitude within the team. We employ experts in Infrastructure, Development, Design, Testing and Customer Service. Thanks to our internal day-care facility Kallymero, our employees can have their families close by, enjoying a perfect balance between their professional and private life. The motivation and satisfaction of our employees are an essential part of our success.


We aim to develop, maintain and support our clients’ IT needs by demonstrating our expertise and hands-on approach with passion, confidence, Swiss precision and full commitment to not only meet but also exceed our customers’ expectations. This we do every single day with a can do attitude.


Kallysoft Informatik AG is a family-owned company. The active CEO, Arnout Calmeyn, founded it in 1997. Kallysoft started as a one-man business and has grown out to be a full-grown company with departments in all fields of IT. Thanks to the broad experience of our employees, we can advise you in all IT-related requirements and help you accomplish your projects.


From CEO to intern, our Kallysoft team of around 80 people is a coherent ensemble of expertise working together to achieve a common goal. Our left hand knows what the right hand is doing and helps whenever necessary. The expertise of every single employee and the exchange of ideas enable us to find the right solution in every situation.


Through frequent training of our staff and the constant knowledge transfer amongst ourselves, we are able to apply the most recent technologies thus maximizing the benefit for our clients. Proximity to customers and short communication channels are a top priority and form the basis for a successful and sustainable collaboration.

We look forward to talk to you

Contact us – we’d gladly advise you and develop a solution specifically customised to your needs.

We would be happy to visit you on-site or invite you to our office in Allschwil. An open discussion often helps to find possible solutions to issues you might have as well as discover optimization possibilities and state-of-the-art technology.

Always close

We are located in Allschwil, in the economic area of Northwestern Switzerland and the transnational metropolitan region of Basel. Our area of activity, however, comprises the entire world.

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